Q Shield™ for Hard Surfaces
The dangers associated with the deterioration of the surfaces of medical equipment used in hospitals, ambulances and clinics are not yet fully understood. There can be no doubt that micro organisms can alter the surface of paints, metals and plastics. Q Shield Medical Equipment Surface Protection (MESP) was developed from the Q Shield family of anti microbial products. Unlike a disinfectant the Q Shield MESP special formula drys onto the surface of equipment paint, metal or plastic and remains in place protecting that surface from damage caused by colonisation of microbes.

The problem with even the big named brands of hard surface cleaners has always been that no one ever knows when the surfaces have become contaminated by any dangerous microbes.  Washing surfaces with bleaches or disinfectants has always been good advice, but both are limited in that they provide little or no ongoing protection against re contamination.  Without the ongoing protection that Q Shield offers, there is no real protection – worse still in the case of disinfectants, a recent study showed 85% of people using disinfectants thought that the disinfectant they used gave lasting protection.

This could be dangerous if people believe they are protected, it may mean they do not take as many precautions, stop washing surfaces as often as they should.  In fact once the bleach or disinfectant has dried there is little or no residual effect.  If it has dried too quickly it may not have killed all the microbes on the surface (depends on the air temperature and amount used), in which case your surfaces will begin to re colonise immediately.

The best defence against microbes including flu viruses on surfaces is to have the long term effect given by Q Shield.  That means regular treatment of Q Shield will keep surfaces free of microbes.  This advice is particularly important for people such as pregnant women and children, in fact anyone who is at particular risk from the Swine Flu virus.

Until recently bleaches and disinfectants were the best and only option, however there is now Q Shield which lasts 24 hours to one year.  This new  hard surface cleaner provides real protection provided it is used regularly and at the recommended intervals will give long lasting real protection. It is also used to protect the surfaces of hospital equipment that can be caused by micro organisms which is why it is now classified as a Medical Device. The only product of its kind in the world to achieve this level of regulation.

Q Shield has proven to be more effective than regular use of bleaches and disinfectants, is safer to store and causes less problems.

Q Shield is more cost effective than bleaches and disinfectants in use and will kill microbes for between 24 hours and one year providing protection against re infection from touching contaminated surfaces for all that time.