Q-Shield Skin Care

Q Shield™  A New Generation of Hand Sanitizer

tickQ Shield™  can be taken through airport security in hand luggage.**

tick Q Shield™ makes your skin soft.

tick Q Shield™ eliminates microbes.

tick Q Shield™ is hypoallergenic.

tick Q Shield™ does not build or increase antibacterial or antimicrobial resistance in pathogens on repeated or prolonged use.

tick Q Shield™ Is protected by Patent and is FDA  and EU Approved.

600ml bottles are suitable for use at home or in the office.  These units can be wall mounted. We also supply 100ml and 50ml bottles which are ideally suited for use when traveling.  Both our 100ml and 50ml bottles can be taken through airport security in hand luggage.

Our wall mounted units can be supplied with small posters and instruction boards to ensure correct usage of the product and to provide peace of mind.  Should you wish to receive further information on these products please let us know.

** 50ml and 100ml bottle sizes

Look for more information on the product at: https://www.qtechnologiesgroup.com
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