– Effectiv sanitaion without acid.
– Suitable for keeping calcium deposits away on surfaces that can not withstand acid for examble marble
and terrazzo
– It is among the most effective and least environmentally hamful int the product´s product category
– Dissolves sebum, dirt, lime veils and soap residue on all hard surfaces that can withstand water
– Used eg for daily cleaning of sinks, tiles, pipes and showers


Daily cleaning: 0,3 %
Lime veils: 5 %
pH-value undiluted: ca. 11,8
pH-value in use solution 0,3 %: ca. 8
pH-value in use solution 5 %: ca. 9



Paint, aluminium and zinc can be attacked by dosing over 10 %


5 ltr. plastic dunk (3 pc. Per. colli. 108/pallet)
1 ltr. plastic bottle (6 pc. Per. colli. 378/pallet)

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