– Heavy water softener with 35% acid
– Also works as a corrosion remover on aluminium
– Professional producs for use in industry and damage service
– Super efficient for quick cleaning of larger surfaces foam sprayer
– Clean and softener in a process


Thick layer of limescale, rust and corrosion on aluminimum
Undiluted (pH 0,5)
Light limescale: 5-10 % (pH 1-1,5)
Daily cleaning: 2 % (pH 1,7)



Do not mix with hypochlorite (eg. Sodium hypochlorite or chlorine) May attack terrazzo, marble and enamel


5 ltr. plastic dunk (3 pc. Per. colli, 108/pallet)
1 ltr. plastic bottle (6 pc. Per. colli, 378/pallet)

Working metode

Apply with a brush, cloth or sponge.
Reaction time 1- 10 min. Repeated washings may be required.
Rinse throughly.

Apply with foam spray

Reaction time 1-10 min. dirty surfaces are processed manually.
Rinse with soft water jet.

NB ! The grout around the tiles and bricks etc. thoroughly watered prior to the washing.
NB ! Topics and tools that come in contact with foorstuff, meat and meat products must be rinsed with pure water.

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