– Ecoomical in use; dosed with only 1% by ordinary dirt
– For all-round use; can be used on all surfaces that can withstand water and with all the usual methods
– With antibactacterial effetct; also suitable where hygiene must be in top
– Anti-static effect


Lightly soiled: 1 %
Very dirty: 2 %
Pressure Washer: 1-2 % of the water volume (use metering valve)
Floor cleaner: 2 – 5 % of the water volume
(depending on the degree of soiling)
The pH-value of the working solution: 2 %. pH ca. 9,5



Topics and tools that come in contact with food must always be rinsed with clean water.


200 ltr. plastic drum (2 pc./pallet)
10 ltr. plastic dunk (24 pc./pallet)
5 ltr. plastic dunk (3 pc. Per. colli. 108/pallet)
1 ltr. plastic bottle (6 pc. Per. colli. 378/pallet)

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